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Joining the Dots: an Obsessive’s View of the American Civil War
Guest speaker, Major Chris Roe.

The American Civil War presents researchers (in this case the ‘obsessive’) with many opportunities to investigate individual stories, events and experiences and not just the well-known battles and events. This leads to searches for the stories of individuals, their home towns, their lives before and after the war. When thinking about something so much, recurrent stories that flicker in the mind of the researcher cause strange coincidences to keep occurring, and make seemingly small and insignificant events into interesting detective stories and vignettes.

Major Chris Roe, Club Member, and Manager of The Army Museum of SA tells a few of these stories and charts the sequence of events that make them meaningful to him, and keep bringing him back to one of the hardest of all wars to make sense of.

Colonel Downes Room Capacity: 20 attendees
Imperial Room Capacity: 20 attendees
(Bookings in the secondary room will have a 10% discount on ticket price. Guest speaker will be broadcast through Smart TV from Colonel Downes Room)

Time: 1830 lecture; 1930 dinner
Dress: Jacket and Tie
Price: $60.00 (Includes complimentary Club beverage on arrival served at the table. Members Bar not open for service)
RSVP: Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Zoom-in at home!
Don’t feel like putting on your jacket and tie? This event will be broadcast on Zoom for those who would like to tune in from home. No bookings or RSVP required if in the virtual audience! All you need to do is click the link below just before 6:30pm on Thursday, 11 June.