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A historic Club for discerning ladies and gentlemen with diverse backgrounds

(Service with the Defence Force is NOT a requirement for membership)

The Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia is a prestigious private Club in Adelaide where its elegance and atmosphere offers a comfortable background to the social and networking needs of its male and female members.

With the Club’s origins tracing back to 1879 when it was formed as the Militia Officers’ Club of South Australia it is not surprising that the Club continues to respect its military traditions and heritage.  While originally for military officers the Club now embraces a vibrant, active membership from diverse civilian backgrounds who appreciate the benefits that a historic club can offer.

Members are encouraged to enjoy the Club’s range of themed events, modern amenities, accommodation, and service that excels at offering different dining experiences, ranging from the casual visit through to dining for the connoisseurs of exquisite food and wine.  In addition, the Club can accommodate private functions for numbers ranging from 20 to 80 guests.

The Club is located in a heritage listed town mansion clubhouse at 111 Hutt Street, Adelaide, where the amenities and service provides members with an elegant, inviting and friendly ‘home away from home’ environment in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

The Club is also proud of the reciprocal relationships that it has established with similar clubs located interstate and overseas.  With only a letter of introduction from the Club, members can stay in the heart of some of the world’s most iconic cities.


Respect: The Club provides a safe environment where members, guests and staff are treated with respect. Differences of opinion and belief are respected and courteous behaviour is foundational and defines the Club.

Integrity: Club members, guests and staff can expect the Club to operate and behave with integrity. Privacy and confidentiality will be respected. The Board and Club management, working on behalf of the members, will lead with honesty and transparency.

Responsibility: Club members can expect their Board and Club Management Team to responsibly manage the club through their governance and due diligence. Members have a responsibility to represent the club in a positive manner and be hospitable to other members, their guests and Club staff.

Inclusion: The Club is one of the oldest members clubs in the country and one of the first to be inclusive in its membership. Inclusive and respectful behaviour is our expectation of members and guests.

The Crest & Motto Of The Club

The original crest was Army inspired and, as it bears no direct resemblance to any British Regimental Crest, is thought to have been designed by a local artist. In 1947, the crest was re-designed to include the Tudor Crown for the Navy and the Eagle for the Air Force, in keeping with the tri-service nature of our Club.

The motto “Pro Aris et Focis” has British origins, being used by a number of British regiments and literally translates as “for hearth and home”.

President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia and its illustrious heritage.  Having started as the Militia Officers’ Club of South Australia in 1879, the Club changed its name to the Naval and Military Club of South Australia in 1894.  In 1943 there was another change when ‘Air Force’ was added to the name.  While the Club proudly respects its military origins it has developed into one of Adelaide’s most prestigious Clubs that values discerning male and female members from diverse civil, government, and private backgrounds.

Our Club provides a facility where members can enjoy fine dining in the Colonel Downes dining room or convivial social interaction in the bar.  Our business and industry members find that our facilities, values and traditions provide an attractive backdrop for the business and social settings that underpin their commercial activities.

As President I welcome the diversity of our Club’s membership, and remind members that the Club exists for their benefit and satisfaction.  Thanks to the assistance of a professional staff our Club is a place to relax with colleagues and friends, or to enjoy participation in a variety of themed functions and events, or recreational activities such as Billiards, Golf, Sporting Guns, Mahjong, and Bridge.

With the support of all, our Club will continue to evolve and be relevant to the needs of members without losing our traditions or customs.


The Board is made up of a dedicated team who are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting and, as such, it is a reflection of the diverse membership of the Club.  It comprises a President and Vice President and a number of members who are responsible for providing strategic direction and governance of the Club’s affairs to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently in the interests of members in accordance with the statutory and legal requirements.

The Club is pleased to introduce the following Board members:

Club President

Captain Steve Pearson CSC RAN

Vice President

Lieutenant Colonel David Edmonds

Board Members

Colonel Stephen Larkins OAM

Board Members

Captain Steven Patriarca

Board Members

Colonel John C Olson RFD

Board Members

Chaplain Carl Aiken KSJ

Board Members

Mr Peter Summers OAM CGSJ

Board Members

Squadron Leader Ash Wright

The Club Team

Our Club prides itself on having a professional, friendly and helpful team working behind the scenes and ‘front of house’ to ensure the smooth running of the Club.

Behind the scenes staff, whether they are in administration or in the kitchen, work diligently to meet the needs of members and maintain the standards expected of a prestigious club.  Dressed in Club livery the front of house staff are all schooled in the protocols and standards of the Club, and are enthusiastic about the quality of service they offer to members.  All members of the Club Team strive to make members and guests feel ‘at home’ and enjoy their Club experience.

Key members of the Club Team include:

Club Secretary
Mr Mark Jennings (Email Mark)

Senior Administration Assistant
Mrs Sandra Skedgwell (Email Sandra)

Head Chef
Mr Peter Milosevic

Front of House Supervisor
Miss Sarah Purdy

Member Communications Officer
Mrs Sarah Lewis (Email Sarah)

Finance / Payroll Officer
Mrs Trina Spilsbury (Email Trina)

Dress Standards

Jacket and Tie

Gentlemen are expected to wear a jacket and tailored trousers, a shirt with a collar and tie at all times, unless a more formal dress such as a lounge suit, black tie or uniform is specified.

Ladies should dress conservatively and follow the same formal or smart casual dress code as gentlemen. Trousers, when worn, must be tailored.

(Shorts, leggings, T-shirts, tracksuits, training shoes and similar casual wear are not permitted).

Club Casual

Club Casual attire for gentlemen means tailored trousers or neat denim jeans, shirts with collars and sleeves (long or short), worn with or without a jacket or tie, or worn with a conservative pullover. Ladies follow the same club casual code as gentlemen.

Private Functions                                                    

An organiser/convenor who is hosting an event may select the dress code provided the event is being held in a private room. If guests wish to tour other areas of the Club, such as the Members Bar and Dining Room, then they must meet the minimum dress requirements. For Club events the dress code will be explained in the event details.


Please ensure that any guests you may bring into the Club also meet the above requirements. It is the responsibility of the Member to inform their guests in advance of the Club dress requirements, use of electronic devices and other Club protocols.

In-House Guests

Members and guests residing in the Club may wear appropriate casual dress when  when entering or leaving the Club. If they wish to utilise the Members Bar then they will need to meet the minimum dress requirement.

Click to download >> Club Rules & Dress Standards 2020

House Rules

Children 12 y/o + 

Permitted in the Club at all times under supervision of an adult. Refer below for dress requirements.


Children 7 y/o —12 y/o

Permitted in the Long Tan Bar or at a private event under the supervision of an adult at all times.


Children Attire

School uniform, smart casual or jacket and tie.

Fleece jackets, sweatshirts or any coloured casual sports/leisure wear, rolled sleeves or athletic footwear are not permitted.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be turned off or switched to silent mode at all times inside the Club. Where the relevant dress code is Club Casual text messaging is permitted at all times; and calls may be answered discretely before immediately moving upstairs, in the phone permitted areas of the Club, or to any temporarily unoccupied room to continue the conversation. Members and their guests may not speak on the phone in the hallway as it disrupts diners in the adjacent rooms.

Where the relevant dress-code is Jacket and Tie, calls must not be answered (except medical pagers) and text-messaging is forbidden.


Business Papers/Laptops

The use of business papers, electronic tablets, laptops or similar devices is restricted to the booths only in the Members Bar, the Long Tan Room and the first floor.