Function Room Facilities

The Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia excels at arranging private functions in a variety of available rooms with numbers ranging from 20 to 120 guests. Availability of rooms varies during the week, and bookings for special occasions should be made with the House Manager as early as possible to avoid disappointment. These rooms and the Club library can also be booked for business meetings.

Colonel Downes Dining Room

Seats up to 80 guests on an E or a U shape
Round individual Tables seats up to70 guests
Cocktail party up to 100 guests

Imperial Room

Seats up to 50 guests in an E or a U shape
Rectangle table settings’ seats up to 22 guests
Cocktail parties up to 100 guests

Gallipoli Room

Seats up to 16 guests long table
Square table up to 12 guests
Cocktail party up to 30 guests


Rectangle table seats up to 14 guests
Square table seats up to 12 guests
Cocktail party 20 guests

Air Force Room

Seats up to 25 guests at a U shape table
Seats up to 20 guests at a rectangle table
Cocktail party up to 40 guests

Long Tan Room


Boardroom style set up

Available for business meetings up to 12 guests

Level One Meeting Room

Available for business meetings up to 6 guests

Card / Games Room

Available for all card games incl. bridge

Formal Gardens

Marquees available to be hired for functions over 100 guests

Dress Code

Men Jacket and tie worn with slacks and a business style shirt.
Women The dress for ladies is the equivalent of this is terms of formality.